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Serious problems in family relationships are not easy to figure out. Often, these serious problems bring the government in your private life. Technical rules and laws will control what you can and cannot do. You are busy enough simply taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Figuring out the law on your own is not something you have the time for right now. The family law attorneys at Megerian & Wells, Attorneys at Law can help you navigate the confusing system and win the best possible outcome for you.

Asheboro Child Custody Lawyers

Randolph County divorce lawyer Margaret Megerian understands that what you need right now is someone to listen to you, an attorney equipped to take care of your problems for you. Margaret Megerian has the experience and courtroom ability to represent your interests aggressively, whether you are fighting for custody of a child or seeking a fair division of property. Our firm offers solutions to its clients in the following areas of law:

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients across the spectrum, from violent crimes such as murder to serious nonviolent white collar crimes and drug trafficking, to driving offenses and DWI. Our family law lawyers will fight to have you treated fairly when it comes to divorce issues such as alimony, property division and child support, among others.

At Home in the Courtroom

If you need to resolve your dispute in court at trial, the North Carolina law firm of Megerian & Wells, Attorneys at Law has extensive experience in the courtroom, in criminal matters. The firm’s lawyers know their way well around the courtroom.  In their criminal trial practice, Jonathan Megerian and  Margaret Megerian regularly represent clients facing the most dire punishment our country allows, the death penalty, but they also regularly represent people who have made less serious mistakes that have landed them in court.

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