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There Are Two Sides To Juvenile Law Matters

No one needs to tell you how important family is. If you have children, their well-being and futures take up a great deal of your mental bandwidth. If you see your child get involved in the juvenile justice system, you want to find a lawyer to help you fight for your family.

At Megerian & Wells, Attorneys at Law, we are a team of attorneys that can take on the full range of concerns that come up with family law and criminal law matters. We help parents and kids in Asheboro through the most difficult challenges they may face. We are caring and compassionate, but we strive to be objective legal guides to help you overcome your struggles.

Resolving The Family Law Aspects Of Juvenile Law Matters

When a minor becomes involved in juvenile justice matters, many legal mechanisms come into play. You may see things such as:

  • Department of Social Services (DSS) investigations
  • Home removal
  • Guardian ad litem appointments
  • Child planning conferences

These are high-stakes family law issues that we can help you face. We understand North Carolina law and can explain the possible outcomes to you. We work as a team to help you keep your family together.

Protecting Your Child In Court

The second aspect of involvement in the juvenile court system is facing criminal charges. We can take on the case from adjudication to disposition. Our goal is to help you and your child pursue the outcomes you need.

We are aggressive in defense but also extremely knowledgeable about the law. We can build a defense from the charges your child faces and take steps to minimize the long-term legal consequences.

Helping You And Your Family

When you turn to us, we help you through every aspect of your juvenile justice concerns. We know that this is a hard time for you, and we will be there as long as you need us. Reach out to us for a meeting by calling 336-625-1436 or sending an email.